10 Gifts for Zelda Fans

When looking for the perfect gift for your family, friends, or colleagues, you may want to look into their passions and hobbies. If your giftee loves Zelda, then you may want to consider one of these top 10 gifts for all Zelda lovers. Depending on if they like to cozy up and play their favorite game or wish to cosplay, there should be a gift in this list for them!

Legends of Zelda Master Sword Lamp

Paladone The Legend of Zelda Officially Licensed Merchandise - Master Sword Light

An iconic figure of the Zelda games is Link's, Master Sword. This 3D Iconic night light will look excellent on anyone's shelf and even more so if surrounded by other Zelda items. Taking a look a little more in-depth, the sword is a 3D printer plastic that illuminates either by USB or batteries, which are located at the bottom of the light. The Master sword looks like it's wedged into a rock (the base of the lamp) and doesn't only stabilize the lamp but makes it look super cool for any Zelda lover. The power button is located on the triforce logo making the light even more stylish as there are no clunky buttons elsewhere on the lamp. This lamp stands at a respectable 30cm tall and is ideal for people who like to show off their figures in their room. Not only this, but Paladone, the creators of this product, are official licensed manufacturers of the Zelda product, meaning you're getting the best quality out there for these kinds of products. If you're looking for a Zelda product for a Zelda lover, then if they don't have a lamp, get them this to brighten their room and their day!

Legends of Zelda 5-Color Potion Lamp

Paladone Legend of Zelda Officially Licensed Merchandise - Potion Bottle Color Changing Light

Another iconic item that you always find in any Zelda you play is the potions. This next product is again a lamp, but instead of a sword features the potion bottle that you can find in the game. This lamp, unlike the Master Sword lamp, has several different colors built into it, meaning you will always have a color to match the mood. Looking more specifically at this, the potion bottle stands are only 15cm tall but offers a small but ambient lamp in the cork that can be powered through batteries and turned on with a small sliding power switch. Depending on your preference, the color of the potion can be a Red, Blue, Green, Phase 1, and Phase 2. These phase color preferences allow the colors to cycle, which gives this lamp a cool effect in any room. Again, the lamp is an official Zelda item as it is manufactured by Paladone, meaning you get the best quality of products, which will make your Zelda lover super happy! Overall, if your Zelda lover needs a light in their life or specifically on their shelf, then this lamp might be the better option over other items on this list. As it's quite cost-effective and has several color variations, your Zelda lover will not only be impressed with this gift but will also have it on always!

Zelda Cartridge Throw/Blanket

Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket

If your Zelda lover loves snuggling up or using a throw or blanket occasionally, then this next one might be for them. The Zelda inspired throw has an image of Link on the front, with three health-hearts and an Xray of the body. This Throw/Blanket is 60 inches x 80 inches, which is significantly prominent, so it will be great for anyone who wants to wrap up. Looking in more depth, the Link Throw/Blanket is made from 100% microfiber polyester that is super soft, durable, lightweight, and very compact for when you need to take it away with yourself. The manufacturer has also put time into the design and functionality of this blanket with anti-fading and anti-wrinkle, meaning you will always get the same design on the front, several years after you've bought the product. The edges of the blanket are embroidered, allowing the best durability for the blanket throughout its life. Along with this, the blanket is also machine washable in a separate, cold wash but does advise against using this in the tumble dryer. If you're looking for a cozy product for a Zelda Lover or someone who wants some Zelda merch in their room, then this Zelda Link blanket may be the right gift to get.

Legends of Zelda Breath of the Wild Hyrule Map (750 Pieces)

USAOPOLY Zelda Breath of The Wild Hyrule Map 750 Piece Puzzle | Art from The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Video Game| Official The Legend of Zelda Merchandise | Premium Puzzle

If your Zelda lover is one that likes a challenge, then this gift might be the best idea! The Legends of Zelda Hyrule Map is a 750 piece jigsaw that enables its users to piece together the complex and giant scale jigsaw. Specifically, the USAopoly Jigsaw is a 33 x 22.9 x 4.4cm puzzle that has 750 regular sized pieces. This jigsaw covers the Hyrule map that is featured in the Breath of the Wild game series. The jigsaw itself is an officially licensed product. It is of excellent quality giving its users a significant amount of enjoyment, and once completed, it can be glued together to stick up on a wall or pulled apart to complete another day again. If your Zelda lover loves a challenge and likes puzzles like Jigsaws, then this Zelda gift is for them.

Legends of Zelda Keychain and Necklace Pendant Set

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Triforce Hylian Shield and sWord Master Key Ring Legend Necklace Jewelry Series in Wooden Box Red -10 sets

If your Zelda lover is also a lover in jewelry, then this Zelda Keychain and Necklace pendant set maybe for them. Featuring ten pieces of Zelda items such as the master sword, this one has plenty to offer in a small, well-constructed wooden box. The pendants also include the Hylian Shield, the Sheikah Eye, and other small pendants such as the potion and boots. Looking specifically at the pendants that this box offers, they are all crafted using a metal alloy and range from 3CM - 7CM but are not heavy enough to cause inconvenience. Something that this box includes is a beautiful felt holder which allows for the safe transport as well as convenient storage for your Zelda fanatic. Although not an officially licensed Zelda product, the quality of the pendants are all excellent quality for the price you're paying. You also get a small gold chain included for the pendents, so you don't have to worry about getting a chain when they arrive unless they are too small. When your Zelda fan opened the gift, they will love what's inside and will want to wear them as soon as possible!

Legends of Zelda Hylian Shield Metal Wall Art

Paladone Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Metal Wall Art

Another conversation starter gift for your Zelda fan, this Hylian shield is a well-made and nice-looking shield that can be used for cosplay, or as a decoration piece. Initially, the design is for wall decoration; however, if the giftee is small enough, this can be used as a real shield! Looking at the shield in more detail, the embossed metal sign has a raised Hylian logo on the front of the shield. The colors on this piece are great as the blue, red, and yellow all pop against the silver backing color. Included, you have wall mounting hooks that allow you to hand the shield safety and gives you a great decorative piece. Again, the shield is made by Paladone and is an officially licensed Legend of Zelda product, meaning the quality is excellent. Within the shield is the TriForce and Hyrule symbols, which make the shield a unique piece for any Zelda fan. Overall, the Legend of Zelda Hylian shield is a great decor piece to have on your wall and is an excellent addition to any Zelda fan collector.

Legends of Zelda Travel Mug

Paladone The Legend of Zelda Link Travel Mug - Hylian Shield Design Commuter Coffee Cup

If your Zelda fanatic loves traveling or travels to and from a place of interest daily, then this next gift may be the best option on this list! The Legends of Zelda travel mug features a 450ML capacity and is made from high-quality stainless steel. Looking more into the design of the travel mug, it features a double-walled stainless steel outside that has an imprinted Hylian shield on the front of it, making everyone know who the real Zelda fan is in the office. The Travel mug has features such as anti-spill and is leakproof for both hot and cold drinks. This travel mug is also insulated well and can keep the heat (or cold) for several hours before it starts to cool down, which is excellent if your Zelda lover travels for a little while. Again, this is a Paladone product, meaning that this is officially licensed by The Legend of Zelda themselves. When considered, if your Zelda fan likes to take journeys, then getting them a travel mug may save them from having a bad morning. With the imprinted Hylian shield, this will also set them apart from anyone else in the room, which isn't always a bad thing! - Drink in Style!

Legends of Zelda Triforce A6 Pocket Notebook

Pyramid International Legend of Zelda Premium Notebook A6 Triforce Cancelleria

Another more 'dependable' gift is this Zelda themed notebook. If your Zelda fan has an artistic or poetic side or just likes to write - then this gift might be for them. A product from The Legend of Zelda themselves, the A6 Zelda themed notebook features the TriForce logo all over it both inside and out. This would be a beautiful gift for someone that wants to take down notes but doesn't want a flashy notepad to do it in, or maybe even someone who just wants to draw a few things now, and then this one is a contender to the others on this list. Overall, the Legends of Zelda Triforce A6 pocket notebook is a gift that you might want to consider as a small gift that is quite thoughtful and cute. The small and well-designed notebook can be a perfect gift for anyone who likes to use the pen, or just as a shelf-piece.

Legends of Zelda Triforce Bird Messenger Bag

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch

Another traveling style product, the Legends of Zelda triforce messenger bag might be another consideration for someone who likes to travel or has to commute to school or work. This TriForce messenger back has one large pocket that has a fold-over flap, which has a large logo of the TriForce bird on. Not only this, but the logo is repeated on the strap cover, which makes this sleek and quality messenger bag that will be appreciated by someone who needs a bag. The strap length is long enough to fit most people, but the taller you are, the strap may not adjust to being as low as you want, but will still look natural on any figure. The Legends of Zelda TriForce Bird messenger bag should be a consideration if you look to find the perfect gift for someone who loves Zelda, but also loves to travel or needs a bag when commuting to work or school.

Legends of Zelda Art and Artifacts Book

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts

If your Zelda fan is into books and collectibles, then this Arts and Artifacts book might be for them. The Arts and Artifacts book contains pages and pages of concept art from the games as well as story art that have all been contributed towards the development of games. Not only this, but the book also covers several pages that have facts on. For example, there is a page that goes into great detail about the original legend of Zelda illustration, which is a really lovely touch. When buying this book, you will truly be amazed by the content that is inside and is one to consider if your Zelda fan loves the graphic excellence of Zelda.


When all things are said and done, if your Zelda fan is a true Zelda fan, then all of the gifts above are a great idea to buy. Should your Zelda fan love the idea of having lights that are from Zelda, or items such as travel mugs or notepads, then any of the above are all great ideas!

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