Funny Gifts for your Coworkers

Getting your co-worker a gift can be tricky; that is why you might want to get a gag gift. We have done the leg work for you and compiled 15 funny gifts for your co-workers. Not only are most of these gifts relatable, but they are also funny too! Any of the following unusual gifts are sure to be a huge hit in your office. You cannot go wrong with our list.

Sarcastic Memo Note Pads For Work

Funny Sarcastic Notepads - 8-Pack Memo Note Pads for Work and Office, Funny Novelty Gift for Adult, Coworker, 4 Assorted Design, 50-Sheet Each, 4.25 x 5.5 Inches

Be ready for the job with this memo pad, and you can make notes to yourself, create daily goals, or use it for important messages. These notepads feature sarcastic quotes that let your true feelings shine while storing vital information. They are convenient memo pads that make it easy and enjoyable to take notes, making them the perfect gift for a co-worker who enjoys sarcasm.

Novelty Not My Job Stamp

Self-Inking Novelty Message Stamp - NOT My Job - Red Ink

Notice that your co-worker is doing a lot of things that weren't in their job description? Perhaps, you want to get them this 'Not My Job,' red stamp. That way, whenever your co-worker gets handed paperwork that belongs elsewhere, they can mark it accordingly. Of course, use this with caution! You don't want to upset your boss.

Everything Is (NOT) Fine Notepad

Everything is Fine Paper Pad - 4.25 x 5.5 inch, 50 sheets - Funny Office Desk Gag Gift for Boss, Coworker

This notepad is perfect for that co-worker who has way more paperwork to do than they have time. This note pad expresses how work feels. It's a cute git that is sure to make your co-worker laugh on an especially difficult day.

I Survived Bottle Opener

Gift for Boss or Coworker -"I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email" Keychain and Bottle Opener

Do you and your co-workers go out for drinks after work? Perhaps this bottle opener would make a great gift for them. The text on it states the truth of most office meetings, "I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email." This is the kind of gift that your co-worker will laugh at every time they go to open a bottle. It's funny because it's true.

"Of Course I Talk To Myself..." Mug

A Mug To Keep Designs SYNCHKG096367 Funny Mug 11OZ, White

If your co-worker likes to talk to themselves or is a bit crazy, this funny mug is the gift for them. This gift is excellent for those with a sense of humor, and it's one of the most entertaining gifts you can give on this list. It is perfect for a gift exchange or secret Santa game too.

The "Fuck It!" Button!

Fuck It! Button

We've all been there. Work is hard. Work is annoying. Work is time-consuming. Work is boring. Get your co-worker the best stress reliever gift ever. Everyone needs an actual "fuck it" button. The fuck it button is a great stress reliever for works hardest moments.

"Things I Want To Say At Work But Can't" Notebook

Things I Want to Say at Work But Can't: Blank Lined Journal

Everyone has those things they want to say in the workplace but cannot. This relatable notebook makes an excellent gift for anyone in your office, Your boss, your co-worker, your employee, or that person in human resources somewhere is sure to find this to be an amusing gift for the office.

The Complaint Department Desk Sign

BigMouth Inc The Complaint Department Sign, Hilarious Sign for Your Desk or Office, Prank Your Co-Workers

Let your co-workers know you mean business with this funny complaint sign. It is a great gag gift for your co-worker and can sit on their desk or be mounted to a wall. That way, anyone who dares to complain can take a number. This gift is a good one for your manager or boss if they have a sense of humor, that is.

Ridiculously Motivational Pen Set

Ridiculously Motivational Pen Set in Multicolor

Sometimes work can drag you down. Sometimes it's draining. Sometimes you might even feel worthless. That is why these ridiculously motivational pens are not only hilarious; they're inspiring too. After all, 'you were born for this' and, 'it's going to be crazy epic!' More real words have never been spoken before.

"The Office" Full Series

The Office: The Complete Series

Are you feeling like getting a gift that's a bit on the pricy side? Is it a special occasion in the office? A 10th work anniversary or retirement party? You might want to consider getting your co-worker the full series of The Office. The Office is a funny TV show that depicts the daily struggles of the work environment. If you've never heard of it, you must live under a rock. With that noted, this is the kind of gift that makes for a great retirement gift.

Office Space Blu-Ray

Office Space [Blu-ray]

Got a co-worker who enjoys a good laugh? Then get them Office Space this holiday season. This Blu-ray movie is hilarious. It's a great, "I hate where I work," kind of film that is exceptionally relatable. With a ton of ah-ha moments, it depicts the real inner struggle of the typical American office clerk.

Sheepi The Paper Clip Sheep You Love

Sheepi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Securely Hold paperclips, Staples, hairclips and Other Magnetic Accessories.

Being productive includes being organized. That is why Sheepi is a great gift. Sheepi is a stand-alone magnetic sheep that will attract all your paper clips to it. If your co-worker is continuously going through paper clips, Sheepi is a great way to keep them all organized. This funny gift for your co-worker, plus, it's useful!

Diplomacy Paper Weight

Concord Paper Weight - Diplomacy

"Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have it your way," is the quote on this desk paperweight. It's funny because it's real and that is why it makes for a great gag gift for your boss. This hilarious paperweight is as useful as it's text. Your boss will get a chuckle out of this one.

14. Charging For Answers Sign For Your Desk

Answer Desk Novelty Sign | Indoor/Outdoor | Funny Home Décor for Garages, Living Rooms, Bedroom, Offices | Signmission Questions Directions Gift Answerman What Answering Sign Wall Plaque Decoration

This crisp, clear, high-quality sign for your office is an excellent gag gift for that co-worker who has all the answers. If you had a dollar to four dollars for every dumb question you've been asked at work, you would be a millionaire. That is why you need to invest in charging for answers. Of course, dumb looks are always complimentary.

Snarky Calendar For Your Office

Funny and Snarky Calendar 2020 Set - Deluxe 2020 Humorous Wall Calendar with Over 100 Calendar Stickers (Snarky Quotes Gifts, Office Supplies)

Enjoy a year of funny images with this snarky office calendar. You can be cranky and laughing with these appropriately amusing quotes for the office. Jokes about aging, political correctness, and the workplace will have your co-worker laughing all year. It is the gift that keeps on giving!


Hopefully, you found these gifts so useful that you aren’t reading this. Instead, you’ve got your credit card out, and you are buying one or three of these. These funny gifts for your co-workers are great for Secret Santa, April Fools, birthdays, and retirement parties. After all, laughter is the best gift of all because it is contagious.

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