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May 11, 2019


Some people seem to always be out on the road, taking a trip from coast to coast for their pleasure or working their job. Either way, when it comes to buying these types of people gifts, it can be difficult as they seem to spend more time in their car at home, making the conventional photo frames and succulents useless since they have no room for them. In addition, all of the mobility means that any gift bought has to be able to withstand the jostling of a car as it drives.

While these people need gifts, love, and affection just like everyone else, what they may find useful compared to the average person who spends most of their time at home may vary significantly. As a result, you need to put yourself in their shoes to figure out what they may find useful. However, finding a present does not always need to be difficult, and several options are outlined below for those interested.

Cordless Vacuum

Everyone who has ever eaten in a car knows that dreaded crumbs get everywhere, no matter how hard you try to keep the mess away. For people who drive often, they may find themselves needing to clean up more than others since they often have meals in their car, leaving crumbs which can attract ants, roaches, and many other unpleasant insects. Therefore, getting them a vacuum will make sure that they can get practical benefit out of it, and they will certainly think of you every time they have to use it.

Attom Tech Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Rechargable 120W Strong Suction Car Cleaner Wet and Dry Portable for Car Auto Home Kitchen with Easy Washable Filter, Cleaning Brushes(Black)

The Attom Tech Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is one option as it works to remove dust, dirt, and other debris efficiently. Also, it provides a 5000pa suction to make sure that it can remove a mess no matter the surface, even if it is wet. Besides, with a 12V battery, it is cordless and can ensure ease and flexibility when it is used.

ELE KING Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cordless 120W Powerful Portable Hand-Held Wet &Dry Vac Cleaner for Home and Car Cleaning

ELE KING is another brand to consider as it offers five different accessories for the vacuum to ensure that no matter where the mess is, it can be reached and cleaned efficiently. Not only does it have a high power motor (120W), but it also provides a 3000pa suction. Also, this vacuum boasts a fast charging ability as it uses 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries which fully charges in three hours, and can be used up to 20 minutes at a time.

Air Freshener

One thing is sure when it comes to staying in a small, tight space for an extended period: the smell can make or break a trip. This is why a car air freshener can be beneficial, especially as the longer a person spends in their vehicle, the more use they can get out of it. These are often customizable as well since people can get different messages printed on them or even choose a unique scent to remind their friends that they are cared for. Either way, it is hard to go wrong with a small gift like an air freshener.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag (4 Pack), 200g Natural Air Freshener Bags, Activated Charcoal Odor Eliminators, Car Air Purifier, Closet Freshener, Home Air Freshener, Charcoal Bags in Grey Color

A particular freshener that stands out from others in both quality and innovation would be a bamboo charcoal air purifying bag, which can eliminate most odors and leave the air fresh, healthy, and filtered. A kit can come with four sacks to make sure that they will not need to repurchase soon, and each is reusable for up to two years. Not only is it safe for pets and can work anywhere, but it also has a small hole to make it easy to hand in the car. Its simplistic design only adds to the aesthetic of this stylish and functional accessory.

Febreze Car Air Freshener, 2 Linen & Sky and 2 Hawaiian Aloha scents (4 Count.06 fl oz)

It is also a possibility to go with a more traditional route when it comes to car fresheners, and buy one from the Febreze company. After all, kits come in sets of four as well and offer two scents: a lush, tropical Hawaiian scent as well as a clean linen and sky scent. These also ensure that it cleans the odors rather than just masking the smell under heavily scented perfumes and can work for up to thirty days. It is not hard to understand where there are dozens of positive reviews.

Heated Seat Cushion

Heated seat cushions offer enough comfort to make a significant difference in any car trip. For friends who travel for hours at a time in vehicles, this could improve their quality of life as well as provide many healing benefits. It can make an extended trip seem much shorter with its innovative designs and work to enhance the feeling of sitting for too long in an uncomfortable seat. This could be the present that helps take their trip to the next level.

Snailax Heated Seat Cushion with Massage - 6 Vibration Massage Nodes & 3 Heating Pad, Memory Foam Back Massager, Massage Chair Pad for Home Office Chair or Car Seat

Snailax takes this concept to the next level as they introduce a vibration massage in addition to the traditional heating page. The back offers six different motors to help with it and provides customizability with its adjustable intensities. Also, using memory foam makes it incredibly soft, and the added heat therapy takes comfort to the extreme. Its universal application makes sure that it fits most chairs and works to relieve discomforts, such as fatigue and tension.

Shiatsu Back Massager, Sotion Seat Cushion Massager with Heat, Deep Kneading Rolling Vibration Chair Massage Pad, Relief Pain and Fatigue from Back, Lumbar, Highs for Home Office and Car Use

Sotion offers a massage chair and heated cushion as well, though they approach the method of delivering comfort much differently. Rather than using simple vibrations, they employ nodes that move around to relieve tension in most areas. Also, it has an automatic shutdown timer to make sure that it won’t continue going and wasting battery, the breathable mesh making sure the person won’t feel too hot and sticky. They offer vibrations as well, and the nodes can cover the entire back if ordered to.

Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

A Bluetooth car speakerphone offers many benefits, such as giving the driver an ability to answer phones without having to take their hands off the wheels dangerously. In addition, it can play music loudly so that drivers no longer have to fumble with flash drives, CDs, or waste the limited phone battery to enjoy the trip. A car speakerphone benefits not only the driver but is practical for anyone that they take with them as well on their journeys.

Bluetooth Car Speakerphone, Aigital Wireless Hands-Free Speaker Motion AUTO Power ON Car Receiver Sun Visor Music Player Adapter Built-in Microphone for Handsfree Talking - Black

Aigital specializes in this area, creating a speakerphone that easily pairs with most smartphones. Also, they boast a clear and loud sound, a quick working method with auto connection, and an easy to use clip with a single button for hands-free calling. Besides, it can even automatically turn on and reconnect whenever it feels vibrations and supports both Siri and google assistant for voice control.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphone (U.S. Retail Packaging)

Jabra speakers have their benefits as well, with a fourteen-hour battery life and the possibility of being kept on standby for forty days. In addition, it comes with three speakers, all at 7W, and allows for voice guidance and an FM transmitter as well. Perhaps its most impressive aspect is the noise reduction that it boasts. Calls taken in the car will automatically transfer to the Jabra Freeway making it hands-free and safe.

Car Speakerphone VeoPulse B-PRO 2 Hands Free with Bluetooth Automatic Cellphone Connection - Safe Hands-free kit Talking and Driving Wireless Technology - Compatible with All Cars and Bluetooth Phones

VeoPulse is yet another reliable brand when it comes to options of purchasing a speakerphone, as it utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology with voice commands to automatically let it turn on and off. Also, it claims to have only clear calls with no background noise, as it offers an anti-eco sound filter. Finally, it listens to voice commands as well and provides the ability to broadcast GPS directions when used. 

Drink Cooler and Warmer

Once more, a gift that is different from anything else they receive, a drink cooler helps them keep a form of hydration close at all time. These can ensure that coffee doesn’t go cold an hour after its bought or that soda can remain at a low temperature all day so that they do not have to deal with lukewarm water at noon unless they want to. These drink coolers are also very compact so that it will not take up much space and offer a wide range of benefits.

Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer - 4 Liter/6 Can - For Home,Office, Car, Dorm or Boat - Compact & Portable - AC & DC Power Cords - Black

Gourmia offers a small fridge that can serve as a cooler for a four or six-liter can. Compact, portable, and stylish, it makes the perfect addition to any car. Besides, it has two detachable power cords and is eco-friendly, having been made with thermoelectric technology. It uses semiconductors that do not employ CFC’s and refrigerants.


There are dozens of options to pick from when it comes to searching for the perfect gift for your friend. Think out of the box and go with a special present to let them know you care by making sure to buy them something as practical as it is fashionable. Everyone could use a reminder of how much their friends care, and those always on the road and away from home may need it even more. Let them understand how much you care and give them a fantastic present for their birthday or any upcoming celebration.

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