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May 11, 2019


Boyfriends are one of the most influential people in your day to day life, yet they are the hardest to buy gifts for. After all, when trying to pick out a product, it is challenging to make sure the right level of sentimentality gets through without being overly dramatic or underwhelming. Many may never express what they truly want, and unlike for girls, something as simple as flowers or stuffed animals can’t always make the cut.

Show your boyfriend how valued he is by purchasing a gift that radiates love and affection, letting him see the thought that went into getting it. With birthdays, Valentines Day, anniversaries, and other events always around the corner, this list will make sure there is never a shortage of creative, cute gift ideas for that special someone. Stand out at the next big occasion and let them see how serious you really are.


Just like how flowers and chocolates are the traditional ideas that work for any situation, cologne is the perfect gift no matter the occasion. Not only can this help guys take their fashion to the next level, but it will aid them in gaining more self-esteem. Any fancy bottle of cologne would undoubtedly get the message across that not only do you love them, but you want to help them impress others as well.

D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 2.5-Ounce Bottle

Dolce & Gabbana is a popular and familiar choice, especially as they are a world-renowned brand that uses only the finest ingredients. Some colognes are even explicitly recommended for romantic wear, meaning that a boyfriend can use them on dates in the future. It supposedly embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean and combines several citrus accents with woodsy scents to create the perfect blend, lasting hours after application.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Oz

Versace seems to dominate the cologne market as well, and for a good reason. The Eau Fraiche is meant to create harmony through white lemon, rosewood, cedar leaves, and various other natural scents. Also, it lasts for hours after application as well and is meant to embody the “essence of pure masculinity” as well as passion. 

Puzzle Books

Puzzles books are relatively new (and we do not mean the boring Sudoku ones). Not only do these challenge boyfriends to use their minds and creativity, but it also brings with it a captivating story and an idea for another date, giving something fun for the couple to enjoy when they have free time. Coming in an assortment of genres, difficulty, and length, these books are sure to captivate his interest for hours and hours, making it an excellent gift at an affordable price.

Journal 29: Interactive Book Game

Journal 29 is one of the first interactive book games, letting readers solve puzzles and check answers through a mobile device. It is progressive and linear for those who want order, and the premise is about discovering the fates of a missing secret excavation team. Filled with mystery and suspense, it has 148 pages with over 60 puzzles that require the sharpest minds to figure out. Even better, it seems to have a new sequel that was recently released due to the hundreds of positive reviews from the first book.

The Librarian's Almanaq

Based on the same idea but with an entirely different feel, The Librarian’s Almanac is another popular choice for those wanting to buy puzzle books. With an estimated solving time of up to forty hours, it provides days of enjoyment for everyone. The premise is built on finding a novel which contains sacred knowledge that can lead anyone to enlightenment, with secrets buried in the story. When the first direction is to tear out half of the pages in the book, it is hard not to be invested in every step of this puzzle.

Trip 1907: Interactive Escape The Book Game

Trip 1907 is the last book on the list, one that requires creative thinking and time as well. These puzzles go outside of the pages, sometimes requiring players to fold, draw, and combine elements from outside and within the novel. In addition, it uses a mobile device to check any answers and ensures hours of fun on a date night or event, perfect for both individual and group solving.


Wallets are an option that is both practical and stylish, easy to customize to anyone’s taste. Indeed, with a wide array of features and looks, there is sure to be a perfect wallet for your boyfriend no matter what he likes. These offer a way for him to change up his fashion in a small way and a high-quality wallet could even help his life run smoother, especially if it has RFID protection to keep his credit card information safe.

TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet"RIO" Mens Wallet Front Pocket Wallet Slim Wallet RFID Blocking | Credit Card Holder | Minimalist Mini Bifold Gifts for Men (Carbon)

Travando is an established brand that is known for its high quality and durable wallets which are meant to last years. Also, they specialize in a style called a “Money Clip,” a minimalist wallet for men who only need the essentials. These can carry money and cards needed for everyday life, with a built-in notch to make it easier to access any of them. In addition, slim and stylish, they can easily fit in a pocket with little issue or discomfort.

Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet - Made in USA - Genuine Leather, CNC Alum, RFID Blocking

Dango produces high tech wallets to protect the money and information inside from intruders, and their leather ones are no different. Fashionable and sturdy, they can hold up to twelve cards with RFID blocking build in the leather, something not often seen in the wallet industry. Also, it is made from aerospace grade material, and its slim profile is less than half an inch thick when empty, also causing no discomfort from daily wear.


Watches are another accessory that could work for any holiday, and its daily use will make sure your boyfriend thinks of you every time he puts it on. A good quality watch is sure to show the seriousness of the relationship, and its practical applications on top of its aesthetic make it the perfect, customizable gift. Just like a wallet, its wide array of styles guarantee that it is easy to find one to match his personality and attitude perfectly.

Armitron Men's 20/4507DSDS Swarovski Crystal Dial Dark Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch

A big name in the industry, any Armitron watch is sure to hit the mark when it comes to utility and style. The stainless steel ones have eight genuine Swarovski crystal markers on the watch face, its slim rectangular shape making it an ideal addition to any outfit. Also, it is water resistant, durable, and could come with a warranty for several years to protect it against any accidents or falls.

Megir Men's Stainless Steel Dress Quartz Watches Business Chronograph Wristwatch for Man Luminous Hands Black

On the other end of the spectrum would be the Megir Stainless Steel Business Quartz Watch, which has a large round interface to show the mechanics and design. With three small dials measuring the microsecond, it has a precision that not many other brands can boast. In addition, it is water resistant as well with a one-year warranty. The bonus parts are luminous and work by absorbing light during the day.


With the increasing use and dependence on technology, earbuds are another simple gift that has a practical utility, especially if it is high end. Boyfriends can use these to listen to their favorite songs or hear your voice clearly during a call, no matter how loud the surroundings are. In addition, with many colors to choose from, personalize it buy getting a pair in their favorite color or from their favorite brand.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset (Black) (Renewed)

Sony Extra Bass Headset is one pair of buds that use the newest innovations possible to create the perfect system. With 12mm dome type drive units, it has a powerful bass that resonates when it is used, and there is an integrated microphone and controls for skipping or pausing songs on the wire. It is lightweight with tangle-free technology, and its high-energy neodymium creates a pristine sound hard to replicate.

in Ear Earbuds with Mic,Noise Cancelling Headphones,Bass Dual Driver Earphones Volume Control Headsets Compatible for iOS,Android,Laptop with 3.5mm Jack (D5C, Black)

A pair of noise cancellation earbuds are an option as well, especially for those often in loud environments. These are often engineered to make sure they will not fall out of the ear, nor will wearing them too long cause discomfort. In addition, they also employ a higher sensitivity and broader frequency to make sure all sounds are accounted for and have a built-in microphone to transmit their voice clearly when they talk. This pair boasts controls as well, with three different sizes of tips to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying a present for your loved one, ensuring that there will always be an idea for the right gift. At their next birthday, stand out among everyone else with a cute, unique present that they were not expecting and surpass their expectations of your thoughtfulness. Anyone of the above gifts is sure to let them realize how much you genuinely care for them, and by personalizing any gift bought, it will make sure that their day goes by perfectly. Rather than wait, check out some of those ideas now before it slips your mind.

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