Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys

When you turn 17, boys tend to love their gadgets, games, and they want to have the best products around at that time. This makes buying for them super challenging and can often lead to a world of stress, trying to find the right gift. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, as today, we take a look at the top products on the market currently that your 17 years old will love!

Philips Series 5000 Wet and Dry Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5100 Wet & Dry, S5210/81, with Precision Trimmer

Boys can often start growing hair on their faces at 15, but commonly it's only fluff. Shaving is just part of growing up. With this being said, buying a shaver for a 17-year-old boy is quite a thoughtful gift and will make them happy, knowing they have a great brand shaver behind then. The Philips Series 5000 wet and dry shaver is one of the more iconic shavers that Philips has released, with an efficient close shave. Offer the availability of both wet and dry shaving and has 10x the protection versus regular blades to prevent nicks, cuts, and damage to your skin. Not only this, but the Philips Series 5000 also comes with a SmartClick precision trimmer, allowing you to complete your shaving experience with a sideburn and mustache trimmer. Both heads are fully washable, meaning that your shaver will always be clean, giving it a long lifespan. The Philips Series 5000 is also super effective with battery consumption, lasting 50 minutes of the battery from just a single hour of charging, meaning a 5-minute charge will give you enough time for a quick shave if you forget to charge it up! When considering a gift for your 17-year-old friend, a shaver will not only be forever useful to them but will also help shape their appearance in the long run, and should be a consideration for you!

Syma RC Helicopter

Syma S107H Remote Control Helicopter - w/ Altitude Hold Indoor RC Helicopter for Adults, Flying Toys for Kids (Blue)

Depending on the 17-year-old, you may want to consider something that's a little more fun and enjoyable to use. The Syma RC helicopter is a cost-effective gift that your teen should like. Although a little flimsy, these things can be crashed without damaging the internals, allowing you to fly for as long as you want! Featuring a unique gyro system, the Syma RC helicopter allows your teen to fly around the house with this quick and agile device. The super lightweight and miniature size of the aircraft will make your teen fly around annoying people but enjoying every moment of it. Providing around 30 minutes of fly time on a single charge, the RC helicopter is not only reliable but super fun and easy to use. The remote control that you receive is easy to understand with power and direction toggles meaning you can fly it anywhere you like. Not only this, but the helicopter also features a dual-frequency, which allows you to operate two helicopters at once, should you want to buy two to create a mini-copter air show! All things considered, if you are wanting to give your teen a fun experience without spending too much money, then an RC helicopter is one to consider!

Tommy Hilfiger Low-Profile Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 31TL22X062, Black, One Size

When growing up, something that crosses everyone's mind is money. With your teen approaching the seventeen mark, they start to look for jobs and gain a steady income ready for their adult life ahead of them, meaning they may want somewhere to store their debit cards and cash received. The Tommy Hilfiger wallet is a low-profile but sleek and modern wallet created by the designer brand, Tommy Hilfiger. This wallet features an all-black design (other colors are available) and has a stitched strap around the front with the Hilfiger logo on. Inside the wallet is a removable ID window for both extra capacity or to provide to someone else who asks for it. On the left side, there is also a clear window that can be used to store bank cards or photos. The right side has six card slots to keep your wallet nice and compact without compromising on space. As with any wallet, there is also a billfold pocket at the back for cash, and two hidden slip pockets for change. Crafted from genuine leather and with the extra amount of storage that this wallet offers, the Tommy Hilfiger wallet should be one to consider, to provide your teen with the excellent quality and well-crafted wallet for their hard earnings.

Benyar Silver and Black Wristwatch

BERSIGAR Men's Business Casual Chronograph Waterproof Quartz Wristwatch

This next product is for a stylish teen that likes to flaunt nice looking jewelry, such as a watch. Although not a smartwatch, this excellent quality watch will look great on anyone who is dressing to impress. Crafted from Japanese quartz movement pieces, the internals of this watch have been well-crafted to ensure that your teen will love this piece. The glass is protected with hardlex glass, and a well-rounded battery that can last up to a year are all features that come included with this perfect gift. Benyar has spent a lot of time in making their watch as they've handpicked their manufacturers that offer the best quality of material, regardless of cost and efficiency, allowing you to get the best gift for your teen that is durable and great looking. If your teen is dressed to impress wherever he may wear this, then the Benyar Silver and Black Wristwatch are one to consider for them.

BeatsX Wireless Earphones

BeatsX Wireless Earphones - Black

This next product is for all teen audiophiles that love to listen to music on the way to school, work, at the gym, or even just lounging around. The BeatsX Wireless Earphones are great quality and cost-effective pair of earphones that allow your teen to listen and enjoy their favorite music without needing to be tied down with a cable. It is connected via. Bluetooth, the Beats feature an 8-hour battery life that only takes around 30 minutes to charge completely. Along with this, the Fast Fuel function included allows you to charge for approximately 5 minutes and get 2 hours of battery life for those essential hours of music. It is connected via. A small rubber strap can be used to stay in your ear when running or laying around without causing any discomfort to the user. As the earphones are an Apple (Beats) product, the earphones also allow you to communicate with Siri and take calls from them with the included microphone, allowing your teen to multi-task while listening to music. As ever, the sound quality in these earphones is great, featuring a rich bass and excellent peaks allowing for your teen to feel great when listening to music from their favorite bands. Overall, if you are considering getting a gift for your 17-year-old audiophile, then this gift may be for you. If you're concerned, Beats offers a nice warranty in case of any issues too.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone

This next one is great for any 17-year-old who likes to sit around in their room for more than an hour a day! The Amazon Echo Dot can revolutionize your teen's day by providing great quality music, news updates as well as being able to control the lights in their room. The Amazon Echo Dot can make your home smart, and your teen happy! The Amazon Echo Dot is now Amazon's most popular smart speaker with a clean fabric design that offers a cleaner and richer sound quality that previous versions of the product. With the voice-controlled device, you can ask Alexa to play your music, turn on the lights, check what the weather is doing and track news reports near you all from a simple voice command, "Alexa….". The Echo Dot comes in several different colors, a Charcoal Fabric, a Heather Gray Fabric, a Plum Fabric, and a Sandstone Fabric, which all look pristine, but is down to personal preference. The Echo Dot also has thousands of 'Skills' that enable the Echo Dot to become smarter with third-party apps, that allow your teen to track their fitness activity as well as other things if wanted! The Echo Dot is a great option for a teen that likes to lounge around and get answers quickly without needing to search for it on the internet. The Amazon Echo Dot doesn't only provide quick answers but also has a great depth of field for the command word and even better speakers providing your teen with a great little smart device!

How to Adult Book

How to Adult

When growing up, seventeen is a big number to hit as you're on the verge of Adulthood. One more year, till you're a fully-fledged adult, can be quite scary and complicated. Don't worry; there are several books out there that can guide you through it, one of which being "How to Adult" by Stephen Wildish. If your teen doesn't mind reading, this book covers several means of life when dealing with being an adult, but does it funnily and charmingly. The book does have profanity in it, but again, it's all in preparation for your teen's adult life. Several pages in the book, such as the 'Adult Sleep Pattern' or 'The 'Jobstacle' course' are all funny drawings with some text that show you what happens when you become an adult, which in some ways is unique and useful! This book gives you a direct overview of what becoming an adult man is like, and it does it in a unique way that can't be flawed! This book should be a consideration as a novelty gift that your teen will laugh about when reading through!

Pacman Light Up

Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

This next one is an excellent little item for a gamer's bedroom! A lot of 17-year-old young adults are well into their games, but with the newer generation playing games that don't involve shooting spacecraft in a 2D space, this next one is a familiar character and shows that you are a real gamer. This Pacman is a lamp that glows yellow and is conveniently shaped like our favorite ghost hunter, Packman. Although just a light, it features 12 in-game sound effects that can be controlled with a small remote that is included with the light. It also has an adjustable brightness making it super cool in a dark room! The Pacman lamp is powered by the mains unit, which means no batteries are wasted for keeping it on, and even though it uses the mains electricity, it still has excellent efficiency and looks great in any room. Overall, if your teen is a hardcore gamer or just likes to have gaming-inspired art in their room, then this product may be for them. It's quite cost-effective and offers great light for their bedroom, making it a no-brainer!


As mentioned at the start, buying for any 17-year-old can be quite challenging and doesn’t allow you to have the best of shopping trips. With the products mentioned above, several of these products offer a functional product that your teen will love no matter what, and some will provide some laughs when your teen opens it! Overall, there should be a product on this list that your teen will love and will enjoy for weeks, months, or even years to come!

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