18 Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Crochet

Crocheting is a peaceful and rewarding leisure activity that many people enjoy. Requiring just a couple of crochet hooks and some yarn, pretty much anyone with time on their hands can pick up the hobby and produce anything from a blanket to a necklace. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys crocheting, here are some fun tools they may enjoy adding to their collection.

Crochet Hook Set with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort

Best Crochet Hook Set with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort. Perfect Crochet Hooks for Arthritic Hands, Smooth Knitting Needles for Superior Results & 22 Knitting Accessories.

The color-coded, ergonomic handles on these crochet hooks make them the perfect gift for anyone who experiences arthritis and/or likes order! The rubber handles on the hooks reduce pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, and cramping. The colored handles ensure you have the right hook for the job! The set is ideal for travel, including 31 tools in all.

Crocheting Tshirt Gift for Crocheter

Funny Crochet Shirt. Crocheting Tshirt Gift for Crocheter

Need a gag gift for your crocheting friend? Just make sure she or he can appreciate the message, You’re a naughty, naughty hooker before you hit the order button. The 100% cotton, classic fit t-shirt comes in three colors--black, navy, and dark heather.

Aluminum Keychain Crochet Hooks

Key Chain Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Craft with Yarn Ball Charms for Bracelets and Necklaces (2 Pack)

This 2-pack of aluminum crochet hooks doubles as a keychain so you’ll never leave home without your crochet needles again! For knitters, weavers, and crocheters, this is as pretty a gift as it is practical. The keychain is also small and affordable, which makes for a great stocking stuffer or fun gag gift.

Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag, Yarn Storage Organizer with Inner Dividers for Yarn

Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag, Yarn Storage Organizer with Inner Dividers for Yarn, Unfinished Projects, Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles and Other Supplies, High Capacity, Well Designed, Purple

This large tote bag is a perfect gift for the traveling crocheter. The main storage compartment is big enough to tote skeins, yarn, wool, and unfinished projects. An inner divider guarantees your skeins of yarn will remain tangle-free. Multiple pockets, a two-way zipper, and a clear top for an easy view of the items inside make this tote unique. The heavy-duty nylon bag comes in four colors.

Lighted Crochet Hooks Set

Lighted Crochet Hooks Set- Rechargeable Crochet Hook with Latest Case, 9 in 1 Interchangeable Heads Light Crochet Hooks with Accessories(Red)

Do you know a crocheter who enjoys working late into the night? Light his or her way with these LED crochet hooks. The hooks have two brightness levels, built-in rechargeable batteries, and nine interchangeable heads. Pack all of this away in a handy organizer bag and they’ll be ready to go!

Knitting & Crochet Bag with Accessories - Water Resistant & Tangle-Free Yarn Storage Tote

Knitting & Crochet Bag with Accessories - Water Resistant & Tangle-Free Yarn Storage Tote, Crocheting Supplies Organizer & WIP Project Holder with Clear Pocket - Sturdy & Lightweight - Set of 3

This stylish, compact bag is perfect for the crocheter on the go. Four to five large yarn skeins fit easily inside the colorful pouches with holes for the yarn to pull easily through the top. Pockets on the inside and outside allow for storage of small items and other tools of the trade.

Yarn Cutter Pendant

CLOVER 3106 Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver

Another great tool for the crafter who likes to crochet on the go, this cutter comes in handy when working on a project away from home. Just put the pendant on a lanyard or ribbon, and attach it to a crocheting bag. Safe and easy to use, the pendant comes in gold and silver.

I Turn Yarn Into Things What’s Your Superpower?

Womens Funny Knit and Crochet T-Shirt Knitter Crocheter Gift Tee

Know someone proud to share his/her handiwork with anyone interested? Chances are, they’ll also enjoy sporting this classic fit tee. It is available in black, navy, dark heather, heather grey, and heather blue.

I Swoon Over Big Balls Mug

Funny Knitting Gifts -I Swoon Over Big Balls - Crochet Gifts for Women

For the crocheter with a sense of humor, this gift is on point! Your funny friend will get a kick out of sipping their cup of joe out of this mug. The colors and lettering will not fade, and the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Eat, Sleep, Crochet, Repeat Notebook

Eat,Sleep, Crochet, Repeat: 6x9 inches - 100 blank squared Pages to note down your Crochet projects and patterns. Great gift for any Crocheter!

This journal will come in handy for the crocheter who’s a planner at heart. 100 pages of graph paper fill this pretty notebook that has a matte finish cover. The journal is 6X9 inches.

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns (Complete Crochet Designs)

Give a gift that will motivate the yarn lover in your life. Crocheters of all ability levels will find inspiration in this complete book of designs. 500 designs from traditional patterns to original motifs fill the pages of the book. Diagrams and close-up photographs will guide beginners to advanced crocheters to complete beautiful masterpieces.

Pet Paw Charms Crochet Stitch Holders

Pet Paw Charms Crochet Stitch Holders

Perfect for someone new to crocheting, these cute paw print charms are as useful as they are whimsical. The multipurpose charms can be used as stitch holders or attached to the zipper on a bag or purse. Your crafty friend will love having jewelry for his/her yarn!

Knit Picks Yarn Bowl

Knit Picks Yarn Bowl (Rosewood and Mango Wood)

This yarn bowl is pretty enough to use as decoration but practical enough that your crocheting friend or family member will be forever grateful for the gift! The bowl, made of natural Indian Rosewood, can hold up to a 100 g (3.5 oz) wound cake of bulky weight yarn, to keep it clean and secure while you work. The heavy base of the bowl ensures it’s not going anywhere.

Rechargeable Neck Lamp

LUXJET LXJ-NKL-BL Book Lights Rechargeable Neck Lamp for Reading at Night, Hands Free, 4 LED Bulbs, 3 Adjustable Brightness, Dark Blue1

This neck lamp is made of high-quality rubber, and a durable and flexible arm will fit perfectly around the neck of your crafty friend while she/he works. The rechargeable battery lasts 6-8 hours and the lamps adjust to three brightness settings. Weighing in at just three ounces, this neck lamp is a must for crocheters working at night or with dim lighting.

Rubberized Yarn Bowl

Yarn Valet 57101 Yarn Bowl, Green & White

This yarn bowl would be a great gift for someone who takes road trips and or plane rides. The rubberized, non-slip base keeps the bowl from slipping, and two separate yarn directors allow for average yarn and bulkier yarns to be used. It is a perfect size and weight to slip into a yarn bag.

Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder

Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder, 4-Ounce

Know any crocheters who suffer from OCD or just like organization? This hand-operated yarn winder makes beautifully wounder center-pull balls smoothly and quietly. The metal crank is unbreakable, but should your friend or family member have any problems with the unit, the company offers a one-year unconditional warranty.

Crochet Hooks Set 12 Ergonomic Sizes & Yarn Needles

Crochet Hooks Set 12 Ergonomic Sizes & Yarn Needles - Soft Grip & Comfortable Perfect for Arthritic Hands or Any Hand Pain - Sturdy, Smooth & Extra Long Hook Great for Any Type of Yarns - 2 mm ~ 8 mm

Make your friend or family member’s day with these ergonomically-sound crochet hooks. They are great for a crafter who struggles with arthritis or carpal tunnel. The non-slip feature of the hooks allows yarn to glide effortlessly and not split. Finding the right hook is a snap with the colorful handles.

Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set

Caron Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Set w/Scissors: Sizes D,E,F,G,7,H,I,J

These crochet hooks are in a league of their own with elastomeric comfort-grip handles. Elastomeric is a term for coatings made of elastic. These crochet hooks will help your friend or family member crochet in comfort and style. The set comes with eight hooks, two sewing needles, high-quality thread, scissors, and a 4 ½ inch ruler.


Whether it’s a beginning crocheter you’re buying for or one more seasoned, you can find something for everyone here. From the perfect crochet hook set to a bag to hold all the necessary tools, we’ve covered it all in this comprehensive list.

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